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Citrus Fruits

The Recovery Success Method

this is not a relapse prevention program,

it moves you beyond the current addiction model.  

Welcome to THE Thriving Beyond Addiction Model!

Empowering Busy Adults To Reclaim Control Over Their Lives Following Rehab And Overcome Substance Cravings With An Innovative And Science-Based Strategy....That No One Ever Told You Before!  

It is time to stop going to rehab!


Individualized Supplement Protocol 

Through a detailed questionnaire your individual neurotransmitters and/or blood sugar imbalances will be unlocked as a result your individual supplement needs will be determined.  One free round of supplements are provided per membership.  


Food heals!  Food can be your best medicine to bring your brain and body into balance and guide you towards optimal health.  Each module contains short lessons, recipes, and easy steps to incorporate each week to develop a solid nutrition foundation for you and your family.  

Private Facebook Group 

The private Facebook group allows you to post questions, gain a sense of community with the others in the program, and get access to the live group meetings. 

Genetic Testing

A genetic test will be performed to unfold your individual makeup.  This information provides a deeper understanding of you.  Remember "bad" genes do not determine your future and can be turned off with nutrition and lifestyle. As you approach the end of the course a 1:1 consultation will be scheduled to review your genetics and determine your next steps.  

Weekly Live Group Q&A Zoom Calls

Live weekly group calls will be available to ask questions, help you stay focused, and get you back on track if you begin to lose your way.  



*With the purchase of the program you can order a second genetic test for $397 (discounted from $427).

What Our Clients Say

Citrus Fruits
“Nicole's nutrition information was super helpful. I feel like there was so much tangible, useful information.”
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